I'm a developer and Computer Science graduate with a strong background in frontend development, using primarily React, TypeScript and Next.js, and I have experience building large scale apps. I work across the stack and also have backend experience with Postgres, GraphQL, Docker and C# APIs. I have ~3 years of experience working in the wind engineering industry as a Full Stack Developer, where I built dashboards, charts and performant interfaces coupled with unique designs and animations.

What you are looking at right now is my personal website - an over-engineered Next.js/React/TypeScript app with an FUI-inspired design system. It features a dashboard reflecting the design system, using various components like tables, charts and metrics. All the data visualized by the components is locally generated without any external connections. Source code is available at .

I'm always open to collaborate - whether you're a recruiter or an independent hacker, please reach out to me at . I'm currently open to work ().